Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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Ed DeGrange understands that investing in both our K-12 education system and our university system is necessary. He believes that the importance of providing a student with a world class education is twofold. He believes that it is important for the personal success of each individual student and that an educated society helps our community’s economy prosper. This is why Ed DeGrange supported the Bridge to Excellence In Public Schools Act that made investing in our schools a priority and why he has worked vigorously to protect funding for our schools ever since. At the same time he has made certain that the State also designates funding, in the State’s Capital Budget, for school construction and renovation projects. 

Ed DeGrange also recognizes the need to find additional sources of revenue to support our school systems which is why he strongly believes in the Maryland Education Credit. This legislation is designed to strengthen the partnership between Maryland’s business and educational communities. It would provide an income tax credit to businesses for a portion of their donations to non-profit organizations that provide scholarships or enrichment programs to public and non-public schools and to non-profit organizations that support funding for graduate study or professional development opportunities for school personnel.

Additionally, Ed DeGrange has supported the tuition freeze for higher education. As a result, Maryland went from having one of the ten least affordable university systems in the nation, to being considerably more affordable for working families.

Public Safety

Maryland has been Ed DeGrange’s home for his entire life. It is where he was raised, where he raised his children and where his grandchildren are being raised. Protecting Maryland’s communities and making Maryland’s roads safe are a major priority for him as he wants to ensure that every family in Maryland feels safe to live and raise their children here.

Ed DeGrange is particularly protective of the need to guard our children. Children are a part of society’s most vulnerable population as they often lack the ability to protect themselves. This is why he has been in support of legislation that increases penalties for those in possession of child pornography and legislation that defends children against child abuse. Additionally, safeguarding children from sexual predators is an issue of utmost importance to Ed DeGrange. Recently, he advocated for improving Maryland’s on-line sexual offender registry by expanding the information contained on the registry and by linking the registry to other states’ registries. He has also supported legislation that increases mandatory minimum sentences to keep predators behind bars.

In order to make our streets safer, he has supported tougher laws for drunk drivers and legislation that prohibits individuals from writing or sending a text message while driving.

While gang violence has drastically increased in Maryland, Ed DeGrange has supported legislation that will combat the issue by providing prosecutors with the tools necessary to prosecute gang members and at the same time ensure stricter sentences for those convicted of being involved in criminal gang activity.


As a business owner Ed DeGrange has learned the importance of being fiscally responsible. He is steadfast in his belief that the General Assembly needs to cut spending but at the same time ensure that the State’s priorities are funded. Over the past four years Ed DeGrange has supported reductions in State spending by over $5.5 billion while ensuring that funding for priorities such as public education, health care, and the environment are protected.


Economic Development

Ed DeGrange strives to take steps to ensure that Maryland continues to prosper as a business friendly environment in order to keep businesses in the State and attract new businesses to Maryland. He strongly believes that government is instrumental in creating a business-friendly climate and knows that the health of business has a direct bearing on the creation of jobs and the health of the economy. Ed DeGrange has fought for business, and especially small business, during his tenure as State Senator. He understands that taxes have a direct impact on job creation in the State and that is why he consistently fights against increased taxes.

As a result of his support for Maryland’s business community Ed DeGrange has been recognized many times by the business community. He received the Maryland Retailers Association Legislator of the Year award and the Maryland Chamber of Commerce award for being the voice of business on the Budget and Taxation Committee and on the Senate floor. Additionally, he has received the Maryland Business for Responsive Government’s (“MBRG”) legislative award on multiple occassions for his support of Maryland’s business community and passage of legislation vital to business.

Ed DeGrange has also been supportive of development initiatives within his district. Through his work on the Joint Committee on Base Realignment and Closure (“BRAC”), Ed DeGrange has been supportive of BRAC initiative’s that will support growth and at the same time maintain and in improve the quality of life for our current citizens. Specifically through his role as the Chairman on the Public Safety, Transportation & Environment subcommittee he has been instrumental in the effort to improve transportation routes to accommodate BRAC expansion at Ft. Meade.  Additionally, he has been supportive of initiatives that will support the Odenton Town Center Development project.

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